Preventing Upper Or Lower Back Pain!

Back pain relief

Back pain relief

Few back pain relief exercises and tips:

Body rolling

Body rolling is a form of body work involves rolling in a very specific way on a special ball.

It is a revolutionary method that trains how to feel the inner logic of the muscular system. Each body has its own language of release and logic.

Self massage

Many people think that giving a massage requires some magic or complicated techniques.

Anyone can learn how to use their hands in a way that brings joy and comfort to themselves and others.

The easiest way to learn is to sign up for a massage basics class at a local massage school or community college.

If this is not possible, purchase a Massage Basics video.

Massage is good for you because our body likes to be touched. And a good therapist can help remind the body to relax and release unnecessary tension.

In the past, massage was about working the muscles.

The field of massage continues to expand.

There are now types of massage that work on the nervous system, lymphatic system, craniosacral system, and more.

Start with what’s available, and the more you learn, the more opportunities will present themselves. Frequency is more important than duration

Even if you are trying to learn a new instrument, the teacher will tell you that 4 sessions of 15 minutes is better than one 1 hour session.

Notice how long it takes for your body to ache. Then plan the massage a little earlier.

Correct posture/body mechanics

We live in a culture that is very emotional and very sedentary. Sitting has become dominant.

This is the worst possible position for the lower back, since all the weight of the upper body is directed towards the lower back.

As a result lower back pain has become big business. The human body is not designed to stay in one position for long periods of time.

The problem with prolonged sitting is that the muscles used for sitting have to be contracted for extremely long periods of time.

Your body will be much happier if you move around, get up and stretch.

The next most important thing is to try to keep the natural curves of the spine in place.

This requires you to keep the lower back arched and the head aligned to get proper back pain relief.

After that, be careful when bending and lifting objects. Use your feet for both.

Bend the knees rather than the torso. And keep the boxes close to the body. Imagine yourself as a lever.

The farther away the object is, the more weight is placed on the torso. And try not to twist!!

The perfect formula for lifting and twisting pain. psychological reasons. It was called psychosomatic illness.

We now know that perhaps 90% of all illnesses are psychosomatic.

So if you have back pain, ask yourself a few questions to get back pain relief.

How am I feeling? Do I have any unresolved issues/conflicts with anyone in my life? If you could say my pain, what would you say? Who is it to say it?

Spiritually, lower back pain is thought to be related to survival problems, i.e. money problems.

Upper back pain is a result of holding back irritation and being overburdened.

Caring for your emotional life will have profound results for all therapists Avoid pain in your body.

Every experience you have has not resolved in the muscles and organs of the body.

If your father hit you when you were young and you couldn’t hit back, it’s still sitting on your shoulder, waiting to be released.

Take advantage of the many counselor and therapist services available to us these days.

Our parents were not so lucky; They really had no one but their pastor or minister. Prevention keeps your back pain free!

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