Better than pain killers

THE POSTURE MANUAL is a best-seller in Europe. Its unique approach to lower back pain, neck pain and posture correction has received great attention, especially since we all started working from home: at last, here is a book that teaches you how to fix the causes of your pain without wasting money on costly accessories!


How to improve ​ergonomics at home and at work without spending much
Is this expensive seat ergonomic? Will a kneeling chair save your back? Should you replace your office chair with a gym ball? Based on the 3 Rules of Posture, I will empower you to make the best choices for your health and your bank account!

How to correct your posture, one step at a time
No, you weren’t born slouched or with such a hollow back when you stand. It became your habit because nobody taught you how to correct. And now, it feels difficult to change. No worries: we will fix this from your feet to your head, one step at a time!

How to take better habits
Even with a great sitting posture, you need to stand up regularly and decompress your spine. You will discover that your day is full of micro breaks that you can use to maintain your musculoskeletal system without wasting any time or productivity. Rather, it will help you reduce fatigue and preserve your energy.

How to do safe, simple and low-cost exercises
Exercising is like brushing your teeth: it needs to become a habit. But I’m not talking about going to the gym for 1hr a day! I’m talking about exercises that last from a few seconds to two minutes. You’ll learn them all in THE POSTURE MANUAL and its readers-only videos. 


All my clients started out thinking that it’s too late for them; no, it’s not. In the Scandinavian method of Mensendieck posture therapy, we have a golden rule: whatever be your health, you’ll feel better if you use your body well than if you use it wrongly.

Plus, I have designed a simple yet universal framework that I teach to all my clients, called the 3 Rules of Posture. If you learn the Rules, you will be able to apply them in every daily situation. My job: teach you how to stop pouring oil on the fire! 

Finally, I wrote the book to make your posture correction journey easy, practical and progressive. Every week, you will just have to focus on one goal and one exercise: this is the “salami technique”, used for by most effective coaches! ​


​e-book for ONLY $19, incl. 15 free readers-only videos !Get your e-book now to discover simple, safe and cost-free posture exercises and the best professional advice on ergonomics to fix the real causes of your pain and feel durably better! ​


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“A book that should be reimbursed by the social security system”

“An information goldmine”

“The Bible against back pain”

“An incredible book”


Medical doctors and physical therapists
The foreword of the French edition was written by two experienced medical doctors (Dr Blaise Rutschmann and Dr Christophe Perruchoud), who are renowned pain specialists in Switzerland and the world. After publication, physiotherapists and osteopaths asked me to train them in posture therapy. Why? Because they know that patient empowerment is the key to avoiding risky surgery!

Media and the press
The book has also been referenced 40+ times in the French and Swiss media (incl. physiotherapy journals). Journalists are unanimous: they had never read anything like this yet – logical, precise and effective at the same time. For them, THE POSTURE MANUAL was an eye opener on how much can still be done against back and neck pain.

The most famous companies
Maybe you still doubt. Well then, have a look at some of the 100+ companies that trust me to train their employees and improve their ergonomics! All these companies work across different sectors, yet they all learned the same 3 Rules of Posture: if they apply to their thousands of employees, you can be sure that they apply to you too!

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