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International chiropractors


Jesse Cleave99506801ChiropractorAucklandNZVisit
Elizabeth James2081917987ChiropractorLondonUKVisit
David Wellington275770322ChiropractorBay of PlentyNZVisit
Scott Middleton01625 531164ChiropractorMANUKVisit
Activa Clinics Chiropractic/Acupuncture ON CANVisit
Tyron Waters972-585888345ChiropractorJRSILVisit
Adrian Robichaud9052423298ChiropractorONCANVisit
Shakira Husain459560344ChiropractorQLDAUSVisit
Tyler Kong9059164325ChiropractorONCANVisit
Laura Castillo 295996554Chiropractor NSW AUVisit
Izzy Lewis 1300940100Chiropractor NSW AUVisit
Rosemarie Jabbour 296874011Chiropractor NSW AUVisit
Sharon Wardle 298785855Chiropractor NSW AUVisit
Kyle Holmes 734220331Chiropractor Queensland AUVisit
Chris Webster Chiropractor VIC AUVisit
Cassie Atkinson-Quinton 393262842Chiropractor VIC AUVisit
Simon Carlin 893852388Chiropractor Western Australia AUVisit
Jenna Jacobson 2504807682Chiropractor BC CANVisit
Amanda Stevens 7784844414Chiropractor BC CANVisit
Anna Marie Gierach 7784844414Chiropractor BC CANVisit
Paul Ouimet 2503746938Chiropractor BC CANVisit
Warren Keyes 9054201248Chiropractor ON CANn/a
JEFFREY NEEDHAM 5195424771Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Howie 9058981230Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Jillka Kapadia 4163421932Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Darshanie Mahadeo 9055937770Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Lauren Walker 9054252888Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Hafiz Cheema 2892735816Chiropractor ON CANVisit
David Hominuk 9059571711Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Joel Richards 5194395353Chiropractor ON CANVisit
Paul Gold 4164920012Chiropractor Ontario CANVisit
Dr Nevin Wadehra 6476967660Chiropractor Ontario CANVisit
Alemi Denis 33147070260Chiropractor IdF FRVisit
Ian Shaw 54049270Chiropractor Central HKVisit
Rin J Park 85228868482Chiropractor Hong Kong Island HKVisit
Brian Smith 5418974055Chiropractor Jalisco MXn/a
M Jahani 206731800Chiropractor North Holland NLVisit
Nicholas Laurie 274744024Chiropractor Auckland NZ Visit
Theo Kieu 63364063Chiropractor Singapore SGVisit
Erin Hope 82430216Chiropractor Singapore SGVisit
Anthony Boylan 0908 265222Chiropractor Bucks UKVisit
Collette Johnson 06336 15993Chiropractor Caerphilly UKVisit
Surinder Sandhu 02343 53937Chiropractor Bedfordshire UK Visit
Andrew Kurt 07491 142352Chiropractor Essex UK Visit
Jan Hinton 04385 53011Chiropractor Hertfordshire UK Visit
Abdul H S Mohammed 07804 502121Chiropractor Manchester UK Visit


John Lynch7702072296Deep tissue massageGlasgowUKVisit
Susan Frame 7784844414Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Sam Pan 6045259557Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Jason Kong 6045259557Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Jackie Li 6045259557Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Brook Cheng 7785647128Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
William Hsieh 7785647128Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Mengli Song 6045259557Acupuncturist BC CANVisit
Rachael Talbot 1625402053Health & Wellness Provider Cheshire UKVisit
Emma Ma 7785647128Massage Therapist BC CANVisit
Sue Lander 7522110012Physical Therapist Shropshire UKn/a
Agata Anna 1438532075Acupuncturist Hertfordshire UK Visit
Kevin 4.48E+11Acupuncturist West Midlands UK Visit

*Other include Physical Therapist,Acupuncturist, Naturopath and other therapist

**To get a web page for a country, the country must have a minimum of 20 providers. If you wish to refer us any providers from other clinics, please click here for Referral. There will be an incentive for referral. For more information about referral incentive, visit our contact page and ask us about it.