Why does my lower back hurt?

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Lower back hurting

Lower back hurting

Causes of lower back hurting

Sometimes it turns out that your lower back pain just won’t go away.

You’ve tried everything from rest to physical therapy to even surgical treatment, but the pain persists. Sure some days are better than others.

There are days when there is no pain followed by days when the pain makes you want to lie in bed.

Is there a specific way to make the pain go away and not come back?

The back is a complex system of vertebrae, discs, nerves, spinal column, muscle tissue and ligaments.

Keeping these properly aligned depends on many factors.

Lower back hurting? Below are the 4 biggest reasons:

Weight: Even an extra five kilos of weight can put a lot of stress on your lower back, especially if it’s in the middle, an area where most guys have the weight advantage.

Lack of Exercise:

Keeping the load off goes hand in hand with the workout. People are not supposed to supposed to sit or sleep or even stand all day.

Our bodies are designed to flow. We need to do exercise on a daily basis to keep our weight down and stay in good shape.

By staying fit we also minimize the chances of pain in our body.

Even simple exercises like raking garden or shoveling snow can be a good exercise as long you don’t over stress.

Improper Lifting:

We all understand or need to understand the proper way to life heavy things.


Who doesn’t love weekends? It is risky to rest and perhaps go outside and paint a few yards or play golf.

But wait a minute, you’ve been sitting on your duff all week and now you’ve developed a strain on your frame.

A body is out of this form and also you get a backache. Did you count?

So if you suffer from lower back pain how can you expect it to go away if you fall into one or more of the above factors?

Popping some pain capsules or even therapy and/or surgical treatment can reduce or resolve the pain in the moment.

But aches and pains will return until you significantly look at the causes of the pain.

One solution is to visit a good chiropractor in your area.

The best practical solution is to aggressively deal with the issues that are causing the problem.

If it is overweight than weight loss plans and exercise software.

Some people have the ability to navigate eating habits on their own, but others need a more structured strategy.

Remember that unless the eating regimen is something you can keep after losing a few pounds, chances are you’ll gain those pounds back.

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